Jack Po Bugatti custom watch

The exterior design of this watch derives from the smooth lines of the Kailong sports car and the same dynamics are full of speed.The movement is based on a sports car engine: 578 parts are composed like a miniature internal combustion engine. When you press the crown, you can see that it is "exploding", and the Bugatti JACOB & CO. Jack Po reflecting speed and power Wearing a watch on your wrist should be every man's dream!

This watch also has these multiple customization options, from material to color matching it can be substituted, like this red flame and blue ghost.fake watches uk Usually the watch brand only incorporates the design elements of the car into the aesthetic design of the watch, and this directly applies the mechanical structure of the car to the movement: the movement is suspended independently at four points and the crown is connected and operated from a universal drive shaft. The function of the clock is even more "excessive" is that it also includes a W16 engine that can run.

Unlike many special niche special watches, JACOB & CO. Jakebao has boutiques in Beijing, right on the first floor of the SKP-S representative in the main Beijing shopping malls, although all the merchants here implement a unified image decoration,replica watches uk This watch shop doesn't seem to be any different from other brands, but please get closer and you will know what it means to come out of the sky! There are more Bugatti Kailong series in the shop, as well as other super show styles.

One of the most famous is the Astronomy series, you can just call it the celestial series. It is simply reducing a galaxy to the wrist, in addition to visualizing the time, the complex internal mechanical structure will also push the entire "galaxy" to run in time.

As another example, this brand has launched a series with Messi Ball King alone. Compared to other Jack Po models, it is already unpretentious: "EPIC X CHRONO Series Messi Edition Watch" is equipped with a bright level 5 Titanium case, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, white ceramic bezel and chronograph pushers, lugs in titanium and rubber blue and red rubber crown.